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A New Old Christmas

As previously announced, I’m releasing a new Christmas CD – A New Old Christmas. This consists of several familiar carols and holiday favorites set in some new ways. It contains a variety of styles so there is sure to have titles that everyone will like. This would be a good album for the family to […]

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New MP3 recording available

Frozen Look A new MP3 file is available at the website. Titled¬†Frozen Look this recording is somewhat ambient, definitely electronic and even a bit meditative. The inspiration for this title was a handbell arrangement I made a number of years ago of a less familiar hymn. I took that, made minor changes to it, added […]

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Reaper, MIDI, VST YouTube video

This video is now available on YouTube. In it we look at how to use the Reaper DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) along with VST software instruments and MIDI to record and produce a song. [youtube] This features VST instruments Plex2, FM8 and Massive. The piece is entirely done in MIDI. The video also looks […]

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Selections from JamesGilbertMusic Volume 2

New Album Another album is available wherever digital music is available. The new album is entitled Selections from JamesGilbertMusic, Volume 2 The CD is a mix of various styles, including Classical, Novelty, Dance/Trance, Jazz and popular music. Contents: All Glory Laud And Honor James Gilbert Music Theme (free track, used in many YouTube videos) Leoni […]

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New Album

Selections From JamesGilbertMusic, Volume 1 This new album is now available on Google Music. The individual tracks are also available at the website. Contents Chord Flavors Going Around In Circles Dr. Jekyl Just Over There Just The Way It Is Missiles Of October Not Here Path To Nowhere Focused Unreality Run Away From The Island […]

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New titles added to the website

New Titles – December 2011 We’ve added three new titles to the website. Shake The Duck’s Jaw Short Tease At The Fountain Soft And Hard (see article for links) Shake The Duck’s Jaw A Novelty, Humor recording. It is meant to be silly and funny. Elementary school-aged children seem to really like it. Short Tease […]