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I’ve been going through my music catalog and producing demo recordings (with video of the music) and uploading them to YouTube. See my YouTube channel at As of today’s date, all my brass music, Any Size church orchestra series, concert band and most, if not al of of my orchestra or instrumental ensemble scores […]

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New Album – Classical Organ Music

Classical Music for solo Organ I’m happy to announce that my 13th album is now available. You can listen to it on YouTube at: You can also purchase it at or listen on Spotify at: This album is an all Organ music album. It features the following short works. Sortie-Franck (2:45)Allein Gott […]

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My first look at Komplete Kontrol

Komplete Control is software that allows Komplete 9 & Komplete 10 users the ability to find sounds in one central location. So, I just got it and put together a video showing some of its main features. See the video Subscribe to me on YouTube to keep up with my latest videos like this.  

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I have a few of the social networks I’m part of as ‘widgets’ on my page, but it doesn’t make sense to clutter up the blog with all those links. With the recommendation of several people, I’ve joined even more networks lately and thought I’d list them here for you. A few I’ve only just […]

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Introduction to Music, Conclusion

Introduction to Music for those wanting to become musicans, or improve their musicianship Conclusion I hope this Introduction to Music series has been helpful. While it is obviously not a comprehensive look at all there is to music notation and music theory, if you know this stuff, you have a great amount of tools to […]

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New YouTube video – Fractal

Don’t forget, ALL of our sheet-music is now available at our website for FREE! I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. This is another with animated fractals. If anyone has questions about how I do the fractals, leave a comment and I’ll give the details. The background music being used is my own composition. I […]

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Latest happenings (Jul 2012)

Latest happenings I didn’t realize I haven’t posted in a while. The summer is a somewhat slow time of the year for posts. Here’s some of the things I’ve been up to. YouTube Videos I’ve been trying to post a music video of sorts every couple of days. These consist essentially of still images of my […]

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New video: Importing XML files into Sibelius 7

Importing XML files into Sibelius 7 I’ve posted a new video on YouTube about importing and editing XML files in Sibelius 7. One can take MusicXML files exported from such programs as Finale and import into Sibelius. Some tips on doing that and editing them once they are in Sibelius. [youtube] In addition to […]

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O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing

Our latest additions to the catalog at our website consists of the title: O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing. There are two titles available. They are both upbeat, rock/pop adaptations of this classic hymn tune also known as AZMON. One is an MP3 recording and the other is a sheet music transcription for solo instrument. The sheet […]

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New videos

New Videos I’ve posted several new videos on YouTube. You can view all of them  at My YouTube Channel Here’s a look at a few of them. First, another music video with fractal art I created. I have some rendered 3-d artwork and fractal images. The background music is a new piece “How Perfect Love Is” […]

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Fractal Art – New video

Fractal Art New video on YouTube I’ve always liked fractal art and the seemingly infinite possibilities that one can make with them. Now with faster computers and some free software, one can make 3D animation fairly quickly and easily. So, I found some still 2-D images I liked from various formulas I tried and I […]

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What Wondrous Love Is This

I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. This is a recording of the piece What Wondrous Love Is This that I arranged for orchestra. The hymn tune is from the early 1800’s in Appalachia and is found in Southern Harmony, 1835. It is still used today in many churches and instrumental versions, like this, are also used in […]

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Reaper, MIDI, VST YouTube video

This video is now available on YouTube. In it we look at how to use the Reaper DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) along with VST software instruments and MIDI to record and produce a song. [youtube] This features VST instruments Plex2, FM8 and Massive. The piece is entirely done in MIDI. The video also looks […]

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Abbey Roads 70’s Drummer

Native instruments released a big update, almost like a new version, of their entire Abbey Roads Drums series. The names now add the word Drummer to them. The new versions add the mixer and grove parts of their Studio Drummer product. The entire series update includes the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and Modern drums. I put […]

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Skanner instrument demo

Not too long ago, Native Instruments released a free instrument based on their Reaktor platform. It is called Skanner. I put together a quick demo of the instrument. The recording uses only instruments from Skanner.

Other YouTube Videos

Cutting down a pine tree

Back in December, 2011 I took some photos and some video (not so great video) of a 130 foot (or so) pine tree being cut down. I put the photos and videos together. I added some original music I sell at my website and posted a video on YouTube: [youtube] The pine tree was […]


Latest News (Dec 2011)

News A quick post to let everyone know what’s new. A few new titles on the website, some new mp3 files and sheet music to one of those recordings. See our other posts for the latest YouTube videos. I am soliciting suggestions for future videos. What would you like to see? Some categories I have […]

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About my latest YouTube video – Sibelius 7 tips

Sibelius tips I’ve uploaded a new tutorial video to YouTube. This one is about some tips I’ve found that help my workflow when using Sibelius. Geared toward Sibelius 7, it can be adapted to use with earlier versions. Highlights Advanced filtering. Have you discovered the power of advanced filtering? An example is shown. Preferences. There […]

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The Cat

New Video I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. The soundtrack is an original piece originally written as a school assignment (years ago) to accompany a section of a cartoon. It has since undergone some revision. The music was written for Flutes (including Alto), Saxophones, French Horn, Trumpets, Guitar, Electric bass, drums and piano. The somewhat […]

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New MP3 recordings at the website

Two new mp3 audio recordings have been added to the music catalog. Chord Flavors The first, Chord Flavors, is a recording of the original composition Chord Flavors. It is a flowing, rhythmic transition between various chords. This transition and interplay of chords ends up making for a nice melody as well. If you’ve followed any of […]

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Komplete 8 Ultimate Session Strings Pro animator demo

I posted a video showing some of the features of Session Strings Pro that is shipped with Komplete 8 Ultimate. (I’m not sure if it also ships with just Komplete 8). [youtube] The video should give you an idea of what is possible with the animator feature. The original material is basic block chords. […]

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Chords – Part 3

Part 3 of our ongoing series about chords is now available on YouTube. In this video we talk about Augmented and Diminished chords. [youtube] You can think of Diminished chords as minor chords with a flat-5th. You can think of Augmented chords as major chords with a sharp-5th. When adding 7ths to diminished chords, […]

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Komplete 8 Ultimate Studio Drummer & Retro Machines Demo

Here’s another article about one of my YouTube videos. This video has a very rough piece of music in it using the Studio Drummer and Retro Machines from Kontakt 5 (part of Komplete 8 Ultimate) and Reaper. No processing was added. The sound is straight from Kontakt. I loaded a midi file into reaper, added […]

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Introduction to Chords – Part 1

I’ve started a new video series on my YouTube channel. The first part of an introduction to chords is there. [youtube] The major and minor chord charts shown in the video are available for download in the Free Titles section of the music catalog: There are also some other chord related files there […]

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Making a music arrangement using Sibelius 7

Ever wonder what goes on in an arranger’s mind when they go to arrange a piece of music? Well, here’s a video showing some of that process. It also shows off some of the new Sibelius 7 music notation software. See how I take a hymn tune based on a German folk melody and turn […]