Everyone should learn to play the piano. A 2024 UK study showed that playing a musical instrument is beneficial, even in later life. Playing The piano was “particularly beneficial” as was reading music when playing. Trying to learn from online videos will only leave you disappointed. You need a teacher who gives you feedback. You are never too old to start.

I teach lessons over the internet and in person for people living in the Gainesville, Ocala, Micanopy, Williston and Reddick areas of Florida. Contact me for details. I also teach music software and theory/composition lessons. As of November, 2023 piano lessons are $80 per month, one lesson per week. (Rates are subject to change).

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James is an experienced advanced level pianist who has been playing since the age of 8 and has been playing professionally since the age of 14. He also plays organ, is a nationally published composer and arranger as well as having released 14 albums.

Learning to play the piano, no matter your age, has benefits that go well beyond the enjoyment that comes from being able to play. Now’s the time to take the plunge and learn. Yes, you do have time. I teach lessons over the internet as well as locally so finding a schedule that works for you is no problem.

Trying to learn via videos online isn’t the same as taking lessons with an experienced teacher. Without someone watching, how can you be certain you are playing correctly? Simply because you think what you are doing sounds good doesn’t mean it is or that you are playing in the most efficient manner. If you are serious about music, get lessons from an experienced teacher such as myself.

Have you been trying to learn to play the piano on your own and realized it just doesn’t work? If nothing else, an experienced teacher can give you feedback to make sure you are learning to play the piano in the easiest and most efficient way! A book cannot do that. Online videos cannot do that. In my experience, few people are able to correctly learn to play the piano on their own. You need an experienced teacher to offer feedback and challenge you.

Lessons on music theory (scales, chords, form, notation, how to read music), composition, arranging, Sibelius and Dorico notation software, Reaper DAW, Komplete Ultimate (Absynth, Battery, FM8, Guitar Rig, Kontakt, Massive and Reaktor), Arturia virtual series, Band In A Box and many other software based music creation libraries and software are also available.

  • Piano lessons held weekly
  • Each lesson is 1/2 hour in length (longer times available)
  • All ages, from 1st grade to senior adults, are welcome
  • All skill levels, from having never played before to advanced.
  • Emphasis on various styles or methods is available
  • Performance opportunities for students
  • Organ lessons also available
  • Variable prices for music software, composition and music theory lessons. No weekly commitment

Did you know?…

An article in The Scientific American, July 2003 stated that children with training in music have better verbal skills than those who do not. The article suggested that students with better verbal memory probably will find it easier to learn in school. Also noted is that the longer one studies music, the more the verbal skills improve.

A study done by the National Association of Psychiatrists and Psychologists (NAPP) indicates that having hobbies such as … music decreases the chance that one will be referred to a mental health practitioner by 24 percent.

Piano lessons are offered for ALL ages and ALL experience levels. As long as your child can read their lesson book, they are old enough to start. (Usually 1st grade). All styles of music are taught and supplementary instruction in theory, composing/arranging, lead sheets, accompanying and more are also available. My teaching schedule is great for homeschooling students too.

Whether you want to help your child have an advantage in life or if you are an adult who never learned or you’re someone who wants to start lessons again, NOW is the time to start. Don’t put it off any longer. You are never too old to start

Here is a map of where I teach lessons in the Gainesville, Ocala, Micanopy, McIntosh, Hawthorne, Williston and Reddick areas of North Florida.

Our YouTube page and our Blog have some videos and articles that would be of interest to those taking piano lessons.