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A Classical Piece (5 Octave) Handbells
Original classical style composition. A challenging but accessible title. A really neat middle section for mallets. For 5 octaves handbells, advanced level. The title reflects both the style and form of the composition.

A Joyful Song (2 Octave) Handbells
Popular title and top seller. For 2 octaves. Originally written for a senior adult choir as a teaching aid for learning plucking and tolling techniques. A short and catchy piece. Good for children and senior groups as well as a good plucking and tolling review piece. (Level 2).

A Mighty God (5 Octave) Handbells
Popular Title A highly syncopated piece. For 5 Octave Handbell Choirs. Based on the familiar hymn A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (EIN FESTE BURG). (Level 4+ to 6-). A similar title for Solo Piano is available in the catalog.

Ah, Holy Jesus (5 Octaves) Handbells
For 5 Octave Handbell Choir. An arrangement of the hymn tune HERZLIEBSTER JESU by Johann Cruger.

Alone In The Morning Handbells
An original composition for 5 octave handbells. Imagine the solitude of being alone in the morning in the countryside. Sometimes a solemn time, sometimes with some excitement and even sometimes somewhat somber. Church groups may want to use the title Morning Praise.

American Patrol (5 Octaves) Handbells
Arrangement for 5 octave handbells of this classic American piece.

Away In A Manger (3 Octave w/pno) Handbells
For 3 Octaves handbells with piano. Written for a small beginning youth group. The traditional (American) tune (MUELLER) with some nice harmonies. You may also want to try this with handchimes. (Level 2).

Away In A Manger (4 Octave w/pno) Handbells
For 4 Octaves handbells with piano. Adapted from the 3-octave version. Adds some mart, mallet, echo and similar techniques. The traditional (American) tune (MUELLER) with some nice harmonies. You may also want to try this with handchimes. (Level 2+).

Awesome God (3 Octaves) Handbells
For 3-Octave handbells. A setting for handbells of the popular praise chorus. The biggest (and only) challenges with this piece is getting the rhythm right at the speed required as well as the unusual use of accidentals. If anyone wants to know why I left it in C major instead of a key signature of F minor, drop me a note.

Christmas Medley (5 Octaves) Handbells
For Handbells. For your Advent or Christmas use. Medley includes: O Come O Come Emmanuel; The First Nowell; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Joy To The World. Featured on our album Sacred Favorites for Solo Organ. Different settings of this arrangement are available for Organ or Orchestra.

Christmas Piece (5 Octaves) Handbells
A festive contemporary setting of some familiar Advent and Christmas pieces. For 5 Octaves (53 bells). An Instrumental version of this title was featured on our Christmas Album A New Old Christmas. A similar setting for Orchestra or Organ is also available.

Come, Come Ye Saints (3 or 5 Octave) Handbells
A good setting of this title with a few twists. For 3 or 5 Octaves. Not too difficult. A setting of this title for Orchestra and 5 Oct Handbells is also available. (Level 5 for rhythm 4 or 5 for other elements).

Crucifixus from J.S. Bach Mass In B minor (3 Octave) Handbells
Popular title and top seller. For Handbells. A serene piece with a pulsating malleted bass line. Also very effective with handchimes ringing all parts. (Level 3). Contains some optional 5th octave notes (C3-B3).

Decisions (5 Octaves) Handbells
An original composition for 5 octaves. This piece is mostly block chords with minimal bell changes. Also available for trumpet trio.

Exultate Deo (3 Octave) Handbells
A portion of Scarlatti's Exultate Deo. Written for a quartet of advanced players but works quite well with a full size group. (Level 4).

Face To Face With Christ My Savior (5 Octave) Handbells
Free download! For use with accompanying congregational singing. One verse of the hymn. Range D3-Eb7. (Level 2+) Free Music Download

Joy To The World (3 Octave) Handbells
For Handbells. The traditional Christmas piece attributed to Handel. Although written as a standalone piece it works quite effectively as an introduction to and accompaniment of congregational singing. (Level 3). Other settings of this title are available for Orchestra and Organ (as part of a medley). Hymn tune: ANTIOCH.

Lenten Piece (5 Octave) Handbells
For Handbells. A slow reflective piece inspired by the folk tune Kum Ba Yah but sounding little like it. (Level 4+). Good to use at other times of the year besides Lent.

Meditation (5 or 3 Octave) Handbells
A meditative original composition. (Level 3). Can also be used with handchimes. For 5 octaves but also playable by a 3 octave group.

My Jesus I Love Thee [GORDON] (2 Octaves) Handbells
An arrangement for 2 octave handbell choir of this popular hymn tune. Hymn tune: GORDON

No Not One (3-5 octave) Handbells
For Handbells. A lively adaptation of this hymn with some notable syncopation. (Level 4+). For 3 octaves with some optional 5th octave notes. Hymn tune: HARPER MEMORIAL.

O Perfect Love (3 Octave) Handbells
A 3 octave arrangement of this familiar hymn tune. For beginning groups to use as a solo or even as accompaniment to singing of the tune. Level 2. A setting of this title for solo organ is also available.

O Worship The King (3 Octave) Handbells
A relatively simple setting of this traditional hymn. Written for a senior adult group. (Level 2+). Hymn tune: LYONS.

O, The Deep, Deep, Love Of Jesus [EBENEZER] (2 Octaves) Handbells
A full arrangement for 2 octave handbell choir. See our handchime category for a different setting of this tune for beginning groups.

Rejoicing (5 Octave) Handbells
For Handbells. Popular title. This piece is in a lilting 6/8 almost dance feel. Plucking malleting and some challenging sections for C3-C4. (Level 5+-). A setting for Solo Piano is also available in the catalog.

Standing On The Promises (3 Octave) Handbells
For Handbells. A challenging and fun piece. Contains extensive plucking and mallet sections. (Level 4).

The Cross Medley (5 octave) Handbells
For Handbells. A medley of familiar hymns related to the cross. (Level 3-4). Additional settings of this title are available for Orchestra and solo Organ.

The Head That Once Was Crowned (5 octave) Handbells
For Handbells. An arrangement of this Easter tune. Don't let the 16th notes in the sample scare you - they don't last for long. A nice festive piece with a slow minor middle section. A setting of this title is available for Organ. Hymn tune: ST MAGNUS.

The Lord's Prayer (5 Octaves) Handbells
For 5-Octave handbells. An arrangement of what is probably the most popular setting of The Lord's Prayer. Arranged here for 5-octave handbells. Techniques used include, shake, LV and tempo changes.

Theme from Star Trek: Voyager Handbells
For 5 Octave handbells. The title theme from the TV series Star Trek: Voyager.

There Is A Name I Love To Hear (3 or 5 Octave) Handbells
For Handbells. A reflective version of this piece in 6/4. Also known as O How I Love Jesus. Slower than often sung. It has been reported that this works very well with handchimes. (Level 3).

We Plow The Fields [WIR PFLUGEN] (2 Octaves) Handbells
For Handbells. An arrangement for 2 octaves of this hymn tune.

When We All Get To Heaven (5 octave) Handbells
For Handbells. An upbeat fun setting of this classic gospel hymn. (Level 3-4). A similar setting of this piece can be found for solo Organ.

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