Here are some of the most often asked questions we received over the years.

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Can you tell me more about piano lessons in the Micanopy-Ocala-Gainesville area?

I offer piano lessons for all levels of students, from beginners to advanced, of any age (children must be able to read). For details, please read our Piano lessons page. Use our contact page to get started with lessons.

What about piano lessons, music composition, Sibelius, Reaper DAW and other lessons over the internet?

I offer all types of lessons over the internet. This includes regular piano lessons as well as tutorials for a variety of music related items. Please visit our Music Lessons page for details.

Tell me a bit about the website?

The website showcases the compositions, arrangements and recordings of James Gilbert. The site also promotes piano lessons and internet music lessons available from James Gilbert. I do not sell anything at this website. Our sheet music and recordings are sold by third party companies (distributors) as listed in the Music Catalog. If you are interested in learning to play the piano no matter where you live, please see the Piano Lessons page. We also offer lessons via the internet for a variety of music topics including DAW, VST, Music Theory and of course Piano. If you are in need of typesetting, arranging, composing or recording services, please contact us for details.

Who composed, arranged or recorded the music on your website?

The sheet-music and recordings was either composed or arranged by James Gilbert, the founder of the website.

When I obtain a piece of sheet-music from the catalog, in what form will the music be?

The short answer is it depends on which distributor you purchase my music from. In all cases the music is available for immediate download in digital formats. They are typically PDF files.

The longer answer is that when I started this web site in 2001 I started selling titles via PDF file for immediate download in digital format only. Today our distributors handle the selling of our music, also in digital format. Most allow you to print out a copy or transfer to something like a tablet.

Do you have MP3 recordings for sale?

All of my albums are available on iTunes (Apple Music), Amazon Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, and other fine digital music sites. I also post demos and other recordings I don’t intend to sell at our SoundCloud page and on YouTube. Links to all recordings are available in the menu.

How do I obtain any of this music?

Go to the music catalog. Click on the title you would like to purchase. (You can also right-click on a title and open in a new tab or window in order to view other titles on our website) and go from there.

What is your privacy policy?

I am working on updating a privacy policy, but in the meanwhile, this will have to suffice. If you use the Contact Us page to contact me or sign up for the mailing list, I will collect some personal information as needed to process your request. In both cases your information is confidential and is not made available to any other person or company unless legally compelled to do so. If cookies are set, they are only used to insure the website works as it is suppose to. However, any third-party links found on the website will have their own privacy and usage policies.

What software do you use to enter the music into the computer?

I use a variety of notation software to typeset our music and make recordings. Sibelius, Finale, Reaper, Native Instruments sound libraries and other programs are just some of the long list of software that goes into producing the sheet-music and recordings you find on the site.

I really am looking for xxxx type of arrangement or an arrangement of yyyy but I can’t find it and you don’t carry it. Can you write an arrangement for me?

Yes I can, just use the contact form and ask us. As to how long that might take and how much it might cost, that would depend on the nature of the request. But, my prices are reasonable. If you aren’t interested in a custom arrangement, please consider using the SheetMusicPlus search box at our Music Catalog page.

I think I’ve written the next great [fill in the blank] piece of music but my handwritten music is terrible looking. Nobody can read it. What do I do?

I wrote a great piece of music, spent a lot of money on music notation software, spent even more time trying to learn how to use it and even more time entering my music into the program. I printed it out and thought it looked good. I gave it to the instrumentalists and they laughed at all the typesetting mistakes and, according to them, generally bad layout of the music. Can you help?

I know how to typeset music but all the money and time I’d have to spend on doing it myself isn’t worth it. Any suggestions?

Can you help?

YES AND YES. If you have any music, whether it is handwritten or done using a notation software’s default settings (which is not good enough for most musicians), then you need to let someone else typeset it for you. I can take your handwritten music or a printout of your music and professionally typeset it so that everyone will think it came from a big name publisher. (It is possible that a few of the most critical nitpickers (is that a word?) will not like it, but then again, they probably wouldn’t like it if it did come from a major publisher). I can even take your midi files and convert them to standard notation (including guitar TAB if you so desire). Take a look at our Typesetting page for more details. It isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them by using our contact us link.

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