About Us

This website promotes the sheet music, recordings and musical services available from James Gilbert. See the section below for details about James and his extensive musical experience.

Some of the services we offer

Piano and other music lessons

Piano lessons are available in Micanopy (a short drive from Gainesville, McIntosh, Reddick, Citra, Hawthorne, Archer, Williston and Newberry). We also offer lessons over the internet. That means no matter where in the world you live you can take lessons.

I also offer computer music, composition and theory lessons locally and online.

Sheet Music

I have nearly 1,000 sheet music compositions or arrangements available in my catalog with more being added on a regular basis. The music consists of a wide variety of styles and difficulty levels.

Mp3 files

At last count (January 2021) we have 13 albums available everywhere digital music is available. There is a wide variety of musical styles found in the recordings.

Specialty services

Custom Arrangements: I am available to custom write or arrange any piece of music for any combination of instruments and/or voice. I have several church orchestras that utilize my arrangements for their groups.

Hymns for churches without musicians: Far too many churches, especially small churches do not have any musicians to accompany congregational singing or provide instrumental music for preludes, offertories or postludes. I can provide custom recordings or MIDI files to your exacting specifications and needs.

Typesetting: I am happy to take any hand-written music and turn into publish-quality sheet music. Any pdf file or midi file can be used as a source.

About James

James Gilbert is professional musician, specializing in accompanying, solo performing and teaching music. His primary instruments are piano and pipe-organ. He is also a composer, arranger, orchestrator and music typesetter. He has been involved in music education, including public schools and private music instruction, as well as church music. He has worked as a freelance piano teacher, pipe organist, pianist, accompanist,
choir director, orchestra director, handbell director and various other church music jobs. He has also been a high-school music teacher, music consultant for performing arts magnet schools and an arranger/composer. He is proficient in all styles of music, from classical to pop/rock to jazz, and is an excellent sight-reader. He is also a nationally published arranger having been published by such publishers as Theodore Presser, Triune (Lorenz), and Broadman Press (Lifeway) and others. Music from his website has been bought by persons from Singapore to Europe and everywhere between. He has multiple albums and has been accompanist (keyboards) and co-producer on 4 additional CD recordings.

On the computer side of things, he maintains or founded several web sites and has done much with computers. He was the founder of the award winning web site from the early days of the world-wide-web (~1995), The Gilbert Links. He also maintains this web site which lists hundreds of arrangements or compositions he has written. At one point, he helped his parents build their dream home, a home they built without the help of contractors. (See the link on the main page).

James is or has been a member of various professional organizations including: several church music groups; area music teacher associations and the American Guild of Organists (AGO). He has led classes at and been very involved in various summer workshops. James has also volunteered in the community when able playing at various
locations, including the VA hospital.

Would you believe there are two or three people in the church music and music publishing business with the name James Gilbert? Well, this one might not be the one you think it is. For one thing, he has no association with and knows nothing about Maranatha Music, Maranatha Singers or any current choir named Maranatha Choir. Another thing is that he did not write that praise chorus from the 1970’s that is very popular.

For further information, including information about hiring him as an accompanist, piano teacher, pianist, pipe organist, or solo performer (including weddings, funerals, and social events), please use the contact page above to get in touch with him.