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New Album – Classical Organ Music

Classical Music for solo Organ I’m happy to announce that my 13th album is now available. You can listen to it on YouTube at: You can also purchase it at or listen on Spotify at: This album is an all Organ music album. It features the following short works. Sortie-Franck (2:45)Allein Gott […]

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How do you listen to music

Please let me know in the comments or on twitter how you listen to music. Listening to music Why I’m asking this question. I noticed in my collection of computer “junk” that I had a speaker system of a powered sub-woofer and three speakers. They were from a 2006 era computer. The sub-woofer is good, […]

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I Won’t Give Up (New Album)

I Won’t Give Up That is the title of my latest album. Available now in digital download from the sources listed below. The album is a collection of New Age titles, with pop, rock, jazz and electronica influences. Track list: I Won’t Give Up Somebody I Use To Be Awakening Give Me A Reason Lead […]

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Request and New Album announcement

Another album? I know someone reading this is saying, hold on, another album? Didn’t you just release a Christmas one last October (2013) and an EDM one in Dec 2013? Yes, I did. And I’ve got another one out now and will probably have a couple more out this year (2014).  Unlike a lot of […]

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Introduction to Music, Conclusion

Introduction to Music for those wanting to become musicans, or improve their musicianship Conclusion I hope this Introduction to Music series has been helpful. While it is obviously not a comprehensive look at all there is to music notation and music theory, if you know this stuff, you have a great amount of tools to […]

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New YouTube video – Fractal

Don’t forget, ALL of our sheet-music is now available at our website for FREE! I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. This is another with animated fractals. If anyone has questions about how I do the fractals, leave a comment and I’ll give the details. The background music being used is my own composition. I […]

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Latest happenings (Jul 2012)

Latest happenings I didn’t realize I haven’t posted in a while. The summer is a somewhat slow time of the year for posts. Here’s some of the things I’ve been up to. YouTube Videos I’ve been trying to post a music video of sorts every couple of days. These consist essentially of still images of my […]

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A musician’s thoughts about the iPad

Background For about 9 years I’ve been using the MusicPad Pro as a way to view my sheet music rather than carry around dozens of books of music. The MusicPad is a 10×14 inch tablet with only 1022×766 resolution at I believe 72 (possibly 96) dpi. It weighs nearly 5 pounds. All it did was […]