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I thought I’d give you an update as to what I’ve been up to lately.

Links to all places mentioned below can be found in the menu above.

Piano lessons. I am still teaching piano lessons via video conferencing software on the internet. I am also available to teach in person lessons in Micanopy.

Computer software, composing and arranging lessons. I am available to teach you all the in and outs of Native Instrument software, Reaper DAW and more. I also offer composing and arranging lessons.

I continue to arrange and compose music. I’ve added several titles to my catalog. My music is now being distributed via as well as under the Hal Leonard operated website. Including my mp3 recordings, I have over, 1,000 titles available.

I am still doing recordings. For my latest recordings, that you can listen to for free, visit my SoundCloud page. My albums are also list in my catalog. You can listen to them on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and all your favorite streaming sites.

I am still playing organ or piano for a church. Much of the music I play there is music I’ve arranged or composed. I am also responsible for selecting the music sung by the congregation during the service. I also help plan and coordinate the church’s concert series – which was abbreviated for the 2021/2022 season due to the pandemic.

On YouTube I’ve been posting quite a few demo recording videos of the titles in my catalog. Eventually I hope to have demo recordings of all my titles on YouTube. For those titles that have been recorded and released on albums, all of which are available already on YouTube, I won’t post a demo recording of those.

Feedback. I would really like some feedback. Because I’ve gotten so litle feedback on my tutorial videos on YouTube I’ve stopped doing tutorial videos. Please signup for my mailing list – be sure to give a valid email – and respond to the welcome email or you won’t be added. Please comment on my posts here in my blog as well as on YouTube.

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