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What Wondrous Love Is This

I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. This is a recording of the piece What Wondrous Love Is This that I arranged for orchestra. The hymn tune is from the early 1800’s in Appalachia and is found in Southern Harmony, 1835. It is still used today in many churches and instrumental versions, like this, are also used in […]

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The Cat

New Video I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. The soundtrack is an original piece originally written as a school assignment (years ago) to accompany a section of a cartoon. It has since undergone some revision. The music was written for Flutes (including Alto), Saxophones, French Horn, Trumpets, Guitar, Electric bass, drums and piano. The somewhat […]

Website News

New sheet-music

Four new titles are now available in the music catalog at the website. These titles are for solo organ, solo piano, instrumental solo with piano accompaniment and an organ hymn accompaniment/alternate harmonization. O Day Of Radiant Gladness This arrangement is based on a German folk tune, also known under the hymn tune name ES […]