I Loved It

What’s the Monty Python saying? “And now for something completely different?”

Cover art from the album
Cover art from the album

Introducing our 8th album to be released – “I Loved It”.  This album is quite a departure from our previous albums. This album is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music), dance and related styles album. The titles are very upbeat, danceable tunes.  Most of them are extended length tracks with a few being 7 minutes or longer. Track list:

  • I Loved It
  • Crashing My Party
  • Maybe Call Me
  • Best Songs (inspired by Bach’s Airoso)
  • Just The Kiss
  • Treasures
  • Rising To Me
  • I Can Wait
  • I Needed Your Love

Listen to a sample of all titles on Soundcloud here

The full album can be listened to on Spotify and other streaming services. It is available for purchase at my CD-Baby page

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