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Musicians and the Pandemic

Musicians Need Help too

Our hearts go out to anyone suffering from the current virus worldwide. Virus or not, there are always people worse off than any group of people we might mention. Right now musicians are already suffering.

You can help out by listening to their music via streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music (iTunes), and Amazon Music. Big name groups probably don’t need help. Instead, try to listen to people who you have not heard before. The artists make money for every song played. Also consider purchasing a track or album. If an artist has a donate button on their website, consider making a donation. Links to get you started are listed below.

If the pandemic continues very long, the economic impact to everyone could be severe. Musicians, at least the lesser known musicians, the truly independent musicians, whether teachers, church musicians, local performers or composers/arrangers are already suffering.

As a church musician, I no longer have a congregation to play for. (We do not have the financial resources or equipment to try and do live services over the internet). It is still up in the air whether I will continue to be paid. If not, nearly 50% of my annual income is gone.

Few musicians perform entirely by themselves. Even a concert pianist has support personnel. Currently there are practically no music performances for live audiences and only the big name performers, who probably don’t need any help can manage concerts via the internet. Most performing and teaching musicians will be unable to effectively do things over the internet.

Teachers can’t teach as effectively via the internet as in live settings. Recording studios, even home studios are no longer operating. And there are many more things negatively impacting musicians.

In my situation I always have taught piano lessons via Facetime or Skype, but thanks to a terrible ISP (AT&T) I have a very, very slow DSL internet connection (never more than 3Mbps!) so what I hear and see is never ideal quality. So, while the idea of doing things over the internet is a great ideal, the infrastructure, at least in rural America simply does not exist.

Here are some links to get you started:
Spotify (Listen for free)

Apple Music (iTunes)

Amazon Music

Google Music

And of course we can be helped with every piece of sheet music you buy or by taking music lessons over Skype or Facetime.

Everyone stay safe. Wash your hands often, avoid crowds, don’t go anywhere unless you have to. If you are sick, think you are sick or someone in your household is the same, stay home.

Musicians and Online Personals

Online Personals – Good or Bad?

I know this post isn’t music related and may be the first time I’ve posted anything not music related and perhaps the first of a “personal” nature (sorry for the pun). However, I hope it is of some help to musicians out there. Let’s face it, we are often spending time practicing, recording, composing or performing and don’t always have time to find someone to date. Yes, we have time to date and have good relationships, I think. I believe being involved with a musician can be a very fulfilling relationship. So, to find someone, as with much of the modern world, we turn to online personals.

But to quote from The Mentalist, Rhapsody in Red S03E22:
“You’re musicians. Professional obsessives. Most kids spend their teen years having fun, you spent them practicing. It’s a noble pursuit, but as a result, you’re all nutty.”
So maybe we should avoid all romantic and intimate relationships.

While reading this, why not listen to my music on Spotify or Apple Music? Spotify:
Apple Music:

I will admit to being a bit older than the normal dating crowd, but I have always thought I would get married and raise my own family. When I was younger and internet personals were kinda frowned upon, I had the same results as I discuss here, but at other sites. If the (married) senior adults and (married) parents of children I teach are right when they say I would make a great husband and father, I don’t think I’m too old to give it a try. So, I decided to try out a few dating sites. In hindsight I should have spent the money on something to help out my music career instead, but, what’s done is done.

First of all, I will never understand why so many women, if they are real people and not con-artists or worse, would be in such a hurry to exchange personal email addresses and/or cell phone numbers. To go “offline” as they say. I would much rather get to know a person well enough that I have no reason to doubt that they are who they claim to be before exchanging personal contact information. I am also suspicious of mid-30’s women who want to find a man who is 45-75 years old and even more suspicious of women below 50 who would like to find a man between 18 and 102! Of course, if the old saying, “half the age of the man and add 7 to find the ideal age of the woman to marry” is true, then someone in her 30’s would be ideally suited for someone in their 50’s and so forth.

For me, being a church musician, I thought I’d try out two Christian oriented sites as well as two general dating sites.

I will add that to get the most out of any of these sites, with the possible exception of POF, you are going to have to shell out some money.

My two biggest complaints

First, there is nobody within a 50 mile radius on any of the sites that meets the criteria that I am after. Of course, within a 5-mile radius of where I live I believe there are less than 5,000 people. That’s part of the reason I’m single.

But my biggest gripe is the way the sites do their “matching” and search algorithms. The automatic matching takes all of one’s profile and presents matches that fit what you are looking for. But, in one important area, I’m rarely what that woman is looking for. That is, someone of my age. If I search, say for someone 18-20, I’ll find them that match most of my criteria. HOWEVER, none of the sites narrow the search down to show *only* women who are looking for someone of my age. It is doubtful anyone between 18 & 20 would want someone of my age (and I know better than to search for them), but even when I do search for women in a reasonable age range to mine, most don’t want someone my age. So, I may have to go through hundreds of profiles to find anyone who is at all interested in someone of my age. It would be an easy search to implement if they made sure that I never saw a profile if that woman wasn’t interested in someone of my age. I do give credit to ChristianCupid for making their “match” feature only show people interested in someone of my age. But, their general search shows far too many women who aren’t interested in my age range. More below on that.

Probably one of the oldest services available. To get anything out of it, you’re going to have to pay. They ask a lot of general questions about you and the type of woman (in my case) that I’m looking for. That info is displayed in your profile. You are presented with a list of recommended matches that most of the time consist of women who are not interested in someone of my age. Match uses icons to indicate if the person has been online recently or in the past week or so or is online. For me 90% of my recommended matches haven’t been using the system in a long time, so no need to even bother looking at their profiles as they aren’t going to respond if I send a message. Their search function is good and they offer a way to call your match without them knowing your phone number (or you theirs). I never tried that.

For me, my ideal search only produced six results within a 5000 mile range! Only two of those had been online recently.

I’ve sent a total of 5 messages and have not gotten a single response. I’ve “Liked” some others, but they have never looked at my profile, “liked” me or sent me a message.


Plenty of fish. The most confusing to use site of all of them to navigate. I get the distinct impression that the site is more about potential hookups (one-night stands) than anything serious, although given my age I think I’m a target for gold-diggers. The “my matches” shows a bunch of thumbnail images of women but tells you nothing about where they are or how old they are unless you click on each one. Very time confusing. Almost all of my matches included women who have children or who were divorced which are two criteria that I stated in my profile I wasn’t interested in. Their “ultra match” was not any better.

I did get 115 results from a search. However, none of the first dozen or so I checked met the criteria I had specified in my profile.

I did get some messages. After a few days of sending messages back & forth, they either quit messaging me or disappeared off the system. In one case, their picture disappeared, their profile changed to that of a man looking for women. A week later, their profile picture showed a rather ugly middle aged man. I reported numerous profiles for obvious fraudulent behavior as well as profiles that did not show their face as the main picture (a requirement of the site). After a month, nothing had changed. The frauds were still there, the woman’s profile that became that of the ugly man was still there, etc. I also doubt that the 34 year old from Denver who was “currently out of the country studying medicine” and who quit emailing me after a few exchanges was at all real or really interested in me.

Christian Cupid

Without a doubt, the worse. (That is, except for high marks on having proper match results, but still poor search results). Based on my criteria, which I don’t think is that restrictive, I only had 3 matches, none of whom had been active on the system in the past year! I did get many messages, in Spanish, from numerous Latin and South American countries, but, I don’t speak Spanish so I’d have no way to communicate with them. I also specified in my discovery criteria that I wasn’t interested in anyone from a non-English speaking country. I did get one message from a woman who, when she actually read my profile, informed me she was just looking for a fling, nothing serious. Christian Cupid does offer a “verification” service (for free) where you have to send a driver’s license or passport photo to them and they then mark your profile as verified. I’ve yet to run across a verified profile in my searching.

I would avoid this site at all costs.

Christian Mingle

I found this site to have the best layout and functionality, but also the most number of apparent fake profiles or con-artists. The method of searching is a bit different, but as with all the sites, I ended up with a large number of women who were simply not interested in someone of my age. So, I had to go through and block a lot of women so they wouldn’t keep showing up in the search results.

I did have a dozen or so women reply to and/or start conversations. After two or three messages, many of them disappeared from the site. I suspect they were fake, but they could have blocked me. I know for a fact that 3 women who messaged me were suspended from the site. Most of those who disappeared from the site were the ones that insisted (after only a couple of messages and not knowing hardly anything about one another) that we exchange email and/or cell phone information and “go offline.” There were many who never answered basic questions I asked like “what’s the weather like there” or “what type of nursing do you do” and simple, basic questions one might ask on a first date face to face.

When I am online I get a lot of “smiles” and a few likes from people with the username “mingler_xxxx” where the x’s are hexadecimal values. After a few days, most of those accounts disappeared from my list of activity. It was also very interesting how some women would “like” me or send me messages but had never looked at my profile. (Yes, it was possible to turn off one’s visibility, but I don’t think that was the case).

I had one woman who did enough to convince me that she was on the level and I gave her my email. (As I run my own website I can setup a temporary email account that I can delete if I start to get spam). She said she was from San Antonio, TX and was very disappointed with the web site and all the fakes. She said she was going to probably cancel her account. She only emailed me every other day to start with and when she did, she really didn’t say a whole lot. I wrote appropriate emails for someone interested in a long term relationship, but never provided enough personal info for her to use to potentially manipulate me. One day there just weren’t any more messages. About two weeks after first contacting her on the site, and 3 days after sending my first email to her, I noticed her location is now Los Angeles, CA and not San Antonio. I don’t know if the mobile app reports your current location or the location you entered when you signed up (which can be easily changed) but I don’t think that’s the case. Either way, she never mentioned planning to visit LA or moving there and after two weeks, she is, surprise, surprise, still on Christian Mingle. I know not to send anything in emails that could could come back to haunt me. I’m going to keep this avenue of communication open and see if she ever contacts me. I did finally report her and her profile is no longer visible to me.

The website constantly displays a “we are having network issues please try later” and is slow at loading matches. I have tried for a week now to view the list of blocked women only to be greeted with the network issues message.


Unless you are in your early 20’s, maybe early 30’s and don’t have any specific expectations in those you date, then I can’t recommend any personals site to anyone. Even the 20 & 30’s age group should be extra cautious. Of course, if you are lucky to have people within 50 miles of you, you can meet and find out for yourself how real they are, but for anyone out of your area, especially if you are older, tread with caution. If you live in a relatively large city, I would suggest that you get out of the studio, stop practicing so much and go places where you’ll meet the type of person you want to date (or potentially marry) and not settle for 2nd best. And please, don’t wait until you are in your 30’s to think about getting married or having children. It will be much harder by then.

Oh, me, I’m 57, never married, no children, but still hopeful. You can look at my website and get a good feel for who I am. Pictures and video are available on this website and youtube. Ideally, I’d like to find someone young enough to have her own children with me. If my family history is any indication, I’m good for another 30 years or so, so even a younger woman would not be disappointed. I’m in it for the long run and am very good at sticking to commitments. If you are white, born a female, never married, don’t have any children of any age, feel free to drop me a note using the contact page on my website and who knows?

New Free Music available

Free Music

If you didn’t know it, my website has quite a few complete pieces available for download for free. There are also some free titles that would be of use to teachers or students, particularly as related to music theory. Unlike many free products out there, you don’t have to register, you don’t have to give me your email address. Just download what you want.  You’re welcome to click on the donate button found on several of my pages if you’d like to help me stay out of debt.

Go to the music catalog and click on the free music link.

The original descriptions from when they were sold:

Volume one: AMSTERDAM (Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above) – BLESSED NAME (Blessed Be The Name) – CONVERSE (What A Friend We Have In Jesus) – GALILEE (Jesus Calls Us) – MESSAGE (We’ve A Story To Tell To The Nations) – NEAR THE CROSS – SALVATION – ST THOMAS (I Love Thy Kingdom)- SURRENDER (I surrender all)- WEDLOCK (God Is My Strong Salvation) -Parts are included for treble clef C Bb Eb and F instruments.

Volume 2: AR HYD Y NOS- BRADBURY (Savior Like A Shepherd) – CRIMOND (The Lord’s My Shepherd) – ST DENIO (Immortal Invisible) – WEB (Stand Up For Jesus) – CRUSADER’S HYMN (ST ELIZABETH) (Fairest Lord Jesus; Beautiful Savior) – I AM THINE – MY SAVIOR’S LOVE (I Stand Amazed) – O HOW I LOVE JESUS – PROMISES (Standing on) – RESIGNATION (My Shepherd Will Supply). Parts are provided for treble clef C Bb Eb and F instruments.

Volume 3: AZMON (O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing); CWM RHONDDA (God Of Grace And God Of Glory); TOPLADY (Rock of Ages); JOYFUL SONG (Praise Him Praise Him); GORDON (My Jesus I Love Thee); HENDON (Take My Life And Let It Be); BUNESSAN (Morning Has Broken); LYONS (O Worship The King); PICARDY (Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence); In The Garden; Love Lifted Me. Parts are provided for treble clef C Bb Eb and F instruments.


Very Confused (album track notes)

To continue with my notes on the songs on my 11th album, Sampler, we get to the 6th track. That title is called Very Confused. The description of how I did it may be as equally confusing.

As inspiration for and as a way to try different ways of composing, I took an existing piece, the first movement of the Opus 2, No. 1 Beethoven Piano Sonata. I loaded a midi rendition of the piece into my DAW. I used a function that takes all the notes of the file and extracts them to separate MIDI tracks. I forget how many unique pitches there were, but it was a large number. Based on the visual look of each track in a piano roll editor I moved tracks around and combined many with specific percussion instruments in mind.

I ended up with 16 different midi tracks. Using what I thought would sound good in combination with all the other tracks I assigned various percussion instruments to each of the 16 tracks. All the percussion sounds were from the Native Instruments sound library Percussion Symphony Series. Even the mysterious piano sound was from that library.

Processing, as with much of my music was minimal, once the desired sounds were recorded. The Claves had Replika XT (from Native Instruments) on it with a special effect patch highly modified. The Rain Stick track utilized the Movement plugin (from, 11.8 pitcher from one of the expansion packs. The vibraslap track sounds like a metalic flying object with lots reverb. That was accomplished by sending it through the Dual Crystals effects chain in Absynth. I used a little bit of EQ and compression here and there.

The original Beethoven Sonata movement, with repeats is nearly 20 minutes long, far too long for a track on the album. So I cut and chopped different sections, mainly silence and shortened it to less than 6 minutes. I was surprised by how much silence there was in the original piece when broken into its individual notes.

It is definitely Very Confused. I hope you like it. If you do or have any other comments or questions, please leave them below.

Sheet Music Plus for Composers/Arrangers

A “Kindle like” publishing platform for musicians

In case you did not know it, has been operating a self-publishing platform similar to the way Amazon allows book authors to publish material for their Kindle.

I’ve been using it since Jan 2016 to sell all the titles I have available and have been quite happy with it. (I also should add that SMP is my go to source for printed music since there are no music stores within driving distance of where I live).

The following article explains it much better than I can and includes some videos to help Sibelius users although anyone who can create a PDF file of their music can participate. Their ArrangeMe option, discussed in the article is a great opportunity for arrangers.

In addition to Sheet Music Plus, out of England also allows you to sell your music for free. They are very geared toward Sibelius users, allowing them to upload Sibelius files directly to them. I also have many of my titles there, but unfortunately, they are not as well known as SMP. JW Pepper music in the USA has a publish option for composers/arrangers that has a startup fee but also makes titles available to customers in printed form and is geared toward the educational market. I’ve not tried them.

Are there any other similar services I didn’t mention?  Any pros/cons anyone would care to discuss? Please comment.

Playing from a Leadsheet (revisited)

Playing from a Leadsheet

for solo pianists


Back in 2014 I did a tutorial video on YouTube titles How to play a Leadsheet on solo piano. A followup to it is below.

The video pretty much tells all you need to know to get started playing a leadsheet. One correction is that the D7/F chord on the first line should be a D7/F#. The following description and addition may help in learning to play a leadsheet.

The video shows three different renderings in addition to the original sheet music. The 1st, with just the bass root note in the LH can be a starting point for a walking bass. Imagine a scale based on that root note but not changing any notes from those already in the key signature. Play the 1, 2, 3 & 5 notes or 1,3,5,7 in a measure with one chord. For example, “F G A C” or “C E G B or Bb depending on taste.”

The 2nd sheet music simply shows the block chord with all the notes we could use to harmonize the leadsheet. It is mainly for illustrative purposes. I would never play a leadsheet with just root position block chords.

The final example is the most like one might play. The examples, with the harmony spread between both hands and with rhythmic variation show various rhythmic possibilities for the accompaniment/harmony. However, there’s too much rhythmic variation going on. The last two lines could be played “as is” but the first two lines have, because it is illustrative and not practical, a variety of rhythmic styles.

The next step in leadsheet playing is to listen or look at sheet music of various styles of music similar to the one you are learning. Try and use the rhythmic patterns and harmonic voicing in those examples in your own playing. Leadsheets, after all, are not meant to be a final arrangement. They are there to remind you of how the piece goes and give you just enough information so you can play it such that a listener is reminded of the song.

This is just a starting point to playing from leadsheets.

Bonus points if you recognize what the featured photo shows (besides a leadsheet).

Year 2017 in Review

Goodbye to 2017

To start the blog being moved to this location, I thought I’d start with an article reviewing the past year, 2017, and my musical efforts.

Personally, two things impacted me more than anything else.

First, Hurricane Irma impacted where I live more than other hurricanes in the past have. (I went through Andrew in Miami in 1992 and 3 storms in 2004 here in North Florida). Took probably a month to two to get back to normal. Even now, at least one major highway is impacted due to flooding.

Secondly, I had a USB hub short-circuit or something. It ended up frying the USB ports in my desktop. I had to replace the computer and go through the tedious process of reinstalling software and customizing things to my liking. Of course, the unexpected expense was not welcome.

Most exciting for me (or terrifying I suppose) was one day when I was practicing before my piano students arrived at the church in Micanopy. I saw police go by outside. The short story is that there was a credible bomb threat against two churches in town and a device was found by the propane tanks at the opposite end of the church from where I was. I left the building. A few of my students got to review theory down the street at the library. The crude device would never have gone off let alone caused any serious damage.

Throughout the entire year I released 51 new arrangements or compositions. I performed as a solo pianist three times. Once for a public concert featuring TV & Film music. The other two were for private parties. I played the organ for several funerals this year – more than usual and for at least 3 of them I knew the deceased.

I continue to play for church services at an Episcopal church in Micanopy, FL. It is a good, steady gig at a church that actually sings, sometimes in 4-part harmony, and appreciates music from Gregorian Chant to praise/worship music. (Although they lean more toward the older music than newer).

I continued to coordinate the Concert Series for the above mentioned church. The 2017/2018 series will have 8 concerts, all high-quality performers.

My piano lessons locally and via Skype continued to go well, although I am always wanting more students.

My parent’s cat, featured some years ago in a YouTube video with original music died. He was around 15 years old.

A review of all my music compositions and arrangements follows:

January through March

I released 2 new arrangements and adapted 2 original compositions.
I did one arrangement for a Toronto, Canada church/school for a Reformation celebration.

I’ve also been working with a church in Houston arranging material for their all-volunteer band/orchestra that consists of mostly 12-18 year olds.

Abide With Me — A 12/8 flowing arrangement for solo piano of this familiar piece with large ending.

Was Lebet, Was Schwebet (O Worship The Lord in the Beauty of Holiness) — This was originally a custom arrangement for a Canadian school as they planned to celebrate the anniversary of The Reformation. A hymn accompaniment for Brass Quintet and organ. Suitable for any accompanying of congregational singing.

Missles of October — An original piece, originally for instrumental ensemble. Here adapted for solo piano.

Christ is Made The Sure Foundation — An original piece, originally for choir. Adapted for solo piano.

April through June

During this period I released 19 arrangements or compositions.

All People That On Earth Do Dwell — An unaccompanied setting of All People That On Earth Do Dwell for Soprano, Alto and Tenor or 3-part choir. Popular Title

BROMLEY (O Trinity Of Blessed Light) — An instrumental hymn accompaniment of this hymn tune. It is intended to be played by any combination of instruments (with keyboard). It consists of two verses of the hymn, each in a different key with a modulation between the two. Parts provided for C, Bb, Eb, F, Alto Clef and Keyboard instruments

Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross — A contemporary blues, jazz style arrangement of this gospel hymn, Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross.

Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound — The popular tune NEW BRITAIN, best known as Amazing Grace here arranged for solo piano. This is a fun, upbeat piece with hints of contemporary and classical music. Popular Title

Celtic Postlude — When this piece was written, it was popular to have church services that focused on or used Celtic music. This piece is a modern interpretation of an Irish style of music. Popular Title

Piece in F minor — A piece for concert band in F Minor. An upbeat, almost dance-like piece.

Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him    — The hymn tune HYFRYDOL has been set to many different lyrics. Besides this one “Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him,” the title “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” is well known. This is a fun, upbeat piece to play.

Amazing Grace    — A setting of the hymn tune NEW BRITAIN, best known as Amazing Grace. For Orchestra. Popular Title

Nearer My God To Thee    — A setting of the hymn tune BETHANY, best known as Nearer My God To Thee. This is the song the band on the ship Titantic played as the ship slowly sank after hitting an iceberg in 1912. For orchestra. Popular Title

The Star-Spangled Banner — An arrangement of the US national anthem, also known as The Star-Spangled Banner. For Orchestra.

Awesome God — For Woodwind Quintet. A full arrangement of this popular praise and worship piece.

Brass    Bridge Over Troubled Water — For Brass Quintet. An arrangement of this popular Simon and Garfunkel tune. Popular Title

Crazy — For String Quartet. A country, bluesy setting of this piece made popular by Patsy Cline.

Day By Day — For String Quartet. A classical piece in the style of Mozart. Based on the hymn tune BLOTT EN DAG (Day by Day). Popular Title

Fairest Lord Jesus — An arrangement for Brass Quintet of this classic hymn. Also known under the title Beautiful Savior. Hymn tune: ST ELIZABETH

Halleljuah Chorus (from The Messiah) — A setting of the chorus from The Messiah, for woodwind quintet. A popular, highly requested title, great for any group. Popular Title

Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring (Bach) — For Brass Quintet. This popular piece, often heard at Weddings or Christmas time is from BWV 147.

Prelude in E minor (Chopin) For String Quartet. An arrangement of this popular Chopin piece.

The Sound Of Silence — For Woodwind Quintet. A setting of this popular Paul Simon piece.

July through September

The God Of Abraham Praise — An arrangement of the hymn The God of Abraham Praise for SATB choir with piano accompaniment. Hymn tune name: LEONI.

Waiting and Watching — An original composition for orchestra. A minor, reflective piece. For Orchestra. Many parts are doubled so it can be played with a smaller than average group. Piano reduction provided.

LAUDATE DOMINUM (O Praise Ye The Lord) — An instrumental hymn accompaniment of this hymn tune. This is designed to be played by any combination of instruments with piano.

ST GEORGE’S WINDSOR (Come Ye Thankful People Come) — An instrumental hymn accompaniment of this hymn tune. This is designed to be played by any combination of instruments with piano.

There Is Power In The Blood — A new setting of this favorite gospel hymn. For solo piano.
Popular Title

There Is Power In The Blood — A fun to play arrangement of this audience favorite. For Orchestra. There are many doubled parts in this arrangement which means it can be played and sound just as good without all the listed instruments.
Popular title

A Mighty Fortress — A rhythmic piece inspired by the hymn tune EIN’ FESTE BURG. For orchestra.

Amazing Grace — For Piano Duet. An upbeat, rhythmic setting of this all time favorite hymn. Hymn tune: NEW BRITAIN.
Popular Title

Near The Cross — A blues, jazz setting of this lesser known hymn tune. A fun and very different setting for SATB choir with piano accompaniment. Small choirs can sing the piece in unison or two-parts.

October through December

Once In Royal David’s City — For Solo Organ. A favorite Christmas hymn arranged in a meditative style. Hymn tune: IRBY.

There’s A Voice In The Wilderness — For solo piano. For Advent and Christmas. This arrangement is a majestic and festive setting great for a Postlude or Prelude during Advent. Hymn tune: ASCENSION

Now Thank We All Our God — For Solo Organ. A contemporary, upbeat setting of this hymn. Hymn tune: NUN DANKET

SAGINA (And Can It Be) — For organ accompaniment of congregational singing. Hymn tune: SAGINA. Most common lyrics are to the title “And Can It Be.” Alternate harmonization and descant.

Thou, Who At Thy First Eucharist — For Solo Organ. The melody by Orlando Gibbons in the style of a modern chorale prelude. Hymn tune: SONG 1.

At Calvary — For Woodwind Quintet. This popular hymn arranged for woodwind quintet.

I Come With Joy — For solo piano. An arrangement of this popular tune. From the Southern Harmony collection, the hymn tune LAND OF REST is often set to the lyrics of I Come With Joy,  a piece often used for communion.

I Remember You — For Solo Piano. An original composition, arranged and adapted here from the original choral piece. This piece could be appropriate for any spot in a church service, school program or recital.

Irma’s March — An original composition for orchestra. A march like feel, a sense of forward motion throughout.

Kyrie from Missa De Beate Virgine — For Solo Organ. An arrangement of this piece by Josquin Desprez. From one of the earliest Renaissance settings of the Mass.

Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart — For String Quartet. An arrangement of the popular hymn. Tune name: Marion. A fun, syncopated arrangement.

Amazing Grace — An arrangement of the hymn tune NEW BRITAIN – Amazing Grace – for SATB choir with piano accompaniment.

Amazing Grace — For String Quartet. A lively, fun to play setting. Hymn tune: NEW BRITAIN.

Amazing Grace — For Woodwind Quintet. An arrangement of the popular hymn. Hymn tune: NEW BRITAIN.

EVENTIDE (Abide With Me) — An instrumental hymn accompaniment designed to be played by any combination of instruments along with piano (or organ).

NEW BRITAIN (Amazing Grace) — An instrumental hymn accompaniment designed to be played by any combination of instruments along with piano (or organ).

NUN KOMM, DER HEIDEN HEILAND (Savior of the Nations, Come) — An instrumental hymn accompaniment designed to be played by any combinatoin of instruments along with piano (or organ).

SLANE (Be Thou My Vision) — An instrumental hymn accompaniment designed to be played by any combination of instruments along with piano (or organ).

This Is My Father’s World — For SATB, unaccompanied choir. In addition to rich harmonies, the piece ends with a flowing descant. Hymn tune: TERRA BEATA.

Please check back often. I plan to be more active with the blog than I was last year.

Concert Band Arrangements

Sorry it’s been since March (nearly 6 months) since I’ve last posted. As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been doing custom arrangements for a client that’s reached about 10 titles. Plus I’ve been working on series called “Any Size Church Orchestra series” of arrangements for church groups that never know from week to week who will be there. These arrangements, now available at my website, are playable by a wide combination of instruments.

But, today I want to feature my Concert Band arrangements. I will let the demo videos speak for themselves. (Please remember, these are demos from computer software and not mixed. I have neither the time to mix them nor money to hire a real band).

PS. If you’re in the Gainesville, Ocala area on October 16, 2016 I’m giving a solo piano concert featuring TV & Film music. It is at 2pm at the Church of the Mediator in Micanopy, FL.

Monthly (Mar 2016) post


I know I’ve been a bit behind in regular posts here and on my YouTube channel. I probably use Twitter more than anything so if you want to know the latest, follow me there. (@MusicbyJames).


As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been arranging some copyrighted material for distribution via SheetMusicPlus. I have some new titles available including “Crazy”, “Hawaii Five-O Theme”, “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” and “Fly Me To The Moon.” Mostly for solo piano but also a string quartet. Visit my SheetMusicPlus page to see all I have available.

Custom arrangements

I recently finished a custom instrumental arrangement for a church group in the Houston, TX area. The group consists of ages 11-18 with a few adults. This makes a total of four I’ve done for them. They’ve all been well received. I’m available to arrange or compose anything for any combination of instruments or styles. Drop me a note if interested. Here’s a video of the group playing my first arrangement. Remember, they are beginners.

MIDI files

I continue to provide MIDI files for a Lutheran church to use in their services. I send the files over the internet. They hook their computer up to the organ, select the registration they want, hit play and that’s their accompaniment to congregational singing and also some background music during communion. Any midi capable instrument (piano, synthesizer or organ) can be used to play the files.


I continue to post new arrangements and compositions to my website,

Piano Lessons

Of course, I’m still teaching piano lessons locally. I can also teach via Skype if you aren’t in the area.

Church music

Being a church musician is a great way to have a steady gig as a musician. The small, rural parish church I play for had to give up its choir last November due to only 3 or 4 people (all inexperienced, non-musicians) showing up. But for Easter and weeks leading up to it we had some soloists sing in addition to some extra material from me. I offer consultation on how to make the most of your church music program and/or help in accompanying congregational singing – from a single pianist up to a large praise band or orchestra.

Is there anything in the way of tutorials or general information you’d like to see here on this page or my YouTube page.


Where my music is being used

Map of my music usage

Updated Dec 2015. The point in the northeast of Greenland represents all the sales where people did not give their location.

Here’s a map showing where in the world my sheet music has been purchased via my distributor It only covers from March 2014 – October 2015. I plan to update it a few times a year.


Check out all the music I have available at