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Piano and other music lessons

Piano lessons are available in Micanopy (a short drive from Gainesville, McIntosh, Reddick, Citra, Hawthorne, Archer, Williston and Newberry). We also offer lessons via Skype no matter where in the world you live. For details read more here.

We also offer computer music, composition and theory lessons locally and online via Skype.

Sheet Music

We have over 800 sheet music compositions or arrangements available in our catalog with more being added on a regular basis. The music consists of a wide variety of styles and difficulty levels. Our Sheet Music catalog is here.

Mp3 files

At last count we have 10 albums, a few EP and several singles available. There is a wide variety of musical styles found in the recordings. See All of our recordings.

Specialty services

To find out more about any of these services, you can Contact Us and we’ll get back to¬† you as soon as we can.

Custom Arrangements: We are available to custom write or arrange any piece of music for any combination of instruments and/or voice. We have several church orchestras that utilize our arrangements for their groups.

Hymns for churches without musicians: Far too many churches, especially small churches do not have any musicians to accompany congregational singing or provide instrumental music for preludes, offertories or postludes. We can provide custom recordings or MIDI files to your exacting specifications and needs.

Typesetting: We are happy to take any hand-written music and turn into publish-quality sheet music. Any pdf file or midi file can be used as a source. We do not transcribe from recordings.