New YouTube video – Fractal

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Fractals Geometric Pattern

I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube. This is another with animated fractals. If anyone has questions about how I do the fractals, leave a comment and I’ll give the details.

The background music being used is my own composition. I wrote it specifically for this video. From other videos I’ve seen of similar content, I think what I did with the music is not what one would typically expect. I wanted something different. The music consists of a rhythm track that comes & goes in volume, two pad like tracks, one a bit eerie and finally a video game like lead/melody. I used Reaper DAW to do the mixing. I used the VST instruments Massive (2 different patches), Battery 3 and FM8. There is a lot of repetition. I welcome your comments on the music.


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Google Play additions

I’ve added a few new singles to Google Play. Visit my artist page to see them and listen.

In addition to iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and others that carry my various albums, Google Play has those albums and singles.

Let me know what you think of the singles as well as any of my recordings. What type/style of music would you like to hear me do?

As with all my recent recordings, I use the DAW known as Reaper to mix and produce them. Is there any interest in articles about Reaper here or new videos on YouTube?