The current pandemic is making life hard for all musicians Independent musicians - those you may have never heard of are suffering the most. Performances are being cancelled, classes are being cancelled or severely limited, recording studios, even home studios are not functioning and more. You can help out by listening to their music via streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music (iTunes), and Amazon Music. Big name groups probably don't need help. Instead, try to listen to people who you have not heard on the radio. The artists make money for every song played. Also consider purchasing a track or album. If an artist has a donate button on their website, consider making a donation. Here are some links to get you started: Spotify (Listen for free) | Apple Music (iTunes) | Amazon Music | Google Music. And of course we can be helped with every piece of sheet music you buy or by taking music lessons over Skype or Facetime

Music Typesetting and Custom Arrangement Information

Music Arranging -- We can take any sheet music you have and arrange it for any combination of instruments (including voice and choir) in any style, form or length you desire.

For both Arranging and Typesetting, WE DO NOT TRANSCRIBE MUSIC FROM AUDIO RECORDINGS. You must provide sheet music or MIDI file.

Music Typesetting -- Do you write music but don't know how or have the time to typeset it so that it looks like published music? We can help. We offer music typesetting services at the following rates. For samples of our typesetting, select any title from our Music Catalog and look at the samples available there.

To get started, please send us a note via our Contact page

Pricing is based on the following for most projects. However, these prices should not be considered as absolute. An estimate will be provided prior to my starting any project. Any corrections, should they be necessary, are free.

Pricing is based on a per hour charge, with some exceptions.

Hourly rate - $25

Extra costs
Add $1.75 per page for lyrics
Add $1 per page for complex articulations, slurs, symbols and the like.

Typically I can transcribe a basic piano solo (~60 measures, simple articulations, no chord symbols) in about 30 minutes.

Custom arranging
I will transcribe exactly what you send me at the rates listed above. If you need me to arrange your music into a form other than what you send me, the cost is $50 plus the costs for lyrics and complexity listed above.
For example, you send me a leadsheet and want me to make a vocal solo with piano accompaniment, it will be $50 minimum.
Basically, if the final product I send you has different instruments or other additions not in the music you send me, the minimum cost is $50. Lyrics and complexity may add to the cost

What you get
You will receive a PDF file that contains all the music you wanted me to typeset. I DO NOT PROVIDE XML or Sibelius or Finale scores

Other exceptions
Under some circumstances, scores that are very complex notationally (eg. avant-garde or heavy graphical scores) will cost more. Editing projects already completed by someone else will cost more as will making examples for research papers or textbooks. The basic per-hour rate will occur and any extra costs for such products will be sent to you prior to my starting the project

I will typeset your music to any page size you wish. You will receive a PDF file from me. You can then print to the specific paper you are accustomed to. Besides the extra time it would take to get a final paper product to you, I find customers prefer to be able to print their own material on their own printer and paper.


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Last updated: March 28, 2020