The current pandemic is making life hard for all musicians Independent musicians - those you may have never heard of are suffering the most. Performances are being cancelled, classes are being cancelled or severely limited, recording studios, even home studios are not functioning and more. You can help out by listening to their music via streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music (iTunes), and Amazon Music. Big name groups probably don't need help. Instead, try to listen to people who you have not heard on the radio. The artists make money for every song played. Also consider purchasing a track or album. If an artist has a donate button on their website, consider making a donation. Here are some links to get you started: Spotify (Listen for free) | Apple Music (iTunes) | Amazon Music | Google Music. And of course we can be helped with every piece of sheet music you buy or by taking music lessons over Skype or Facetime

Church Music Resources

No matter what type of church music you are involved in, you probably never have enough time to get done everything you want to get done. No worries. Let us help you. We offer the following services. Some are absolutely FREE and others are offered at very reasonable prices that any church or church musician can afford.

Available Services

With over 30 years of experience in church music, we provide time tested resources as well as cutting edge technology solutions for today's church musician.
Keyboard help - We can help amateur and professional musicians with their accompanying of congregational music and learning solo material. Playing the piano or organ as a soloist and accompanying congregational singing are not the same thing. If you aren't taught how to accompany, you'll never be the best accompanist you should be.
Accompaniment recordings - You have a great choir anthem or vocal solo, but it just doesn't sound so great with just organ or piano accompaniment. Perhaps the musicians you have can't play it up to the quality you need. We can take any piece of music you provide us and turn into a high quality accompaniment recording.
Arrangements and Compositions - Do you need an anthem for your choir or music for your handbell or handchime group? How about that instrumental group or soloist? What about your praise band or just the right music for solo organ or piano? We can arrange any piece of music you want arranged or we can compose something just for your group.
Typesetting - So you've already written something, but, let's face it, making a good hand written copy that your group can read is a very time consuming process. Ah, but you have notation software, that makes it easy, right? It takes lots of time to learn the software, time better spent elsewhere. Just because you used notation software to produce the music doesn't necessarily mean it is done correctly. You have to spend even more time learning proper notation and typesetting. Even then, what you give your musicians still may not be acceptable. We can take any sheet music you have and typeset it into a publish quality work. Save the time, let us do it for you.
MIDI files - Do you have a MIDI capable organ or keyboard but no time or no way to produce MIDI files for use with it? We can produce a high quality MIDI file tailored for your equipment and needs. Any title you provide us can be made into a MIDI file. This will sound far better than playing a CD or MP3 recording as it will be customized for your unique situation.
Consulting - Need some advice on anything related to church music, organs, pianos, MIDI, contemporary or classical styles of music, notation software or iPads? We can help you make the most of your music program. We are also available for music workshops.
Worship Service Bulletins - Some call them bulletins, some programs and others guides, but whatever you call it, it is the piece of paper your congregation sees at each church service. We can produce the master copy which you then print out.


Finally, do you have a pianist or organist that needs some lessons geared specifically toward church music? If so, we offer lessons via Skype or in person in Micanopy, Florida. Why not consider offering your keyboardist a scholarship to take lessons with me?

About James

James has a Bachelor's Degree in Music (theory/composition/piano) from the School of Music at Stetson University - Florida's first School of Music - plus Graduate studies (studio writing and production) at the University of Miami's School Of Music. He has more than 35 years of experience as a performing musician and his primary job as a musician is as a piano teacher. He is a nationally published composer/arranger and has released several albums that are available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Spotify and CD Baby. (See the links below). He also has co-produced 4 other CD's (on which he also played piano). Besides piano lessons, he is available as an accompanist, arranger, music typesetter, clinician, church organist or to play piano for various types of social events. He also the founder and main contributor of original compositions and arrangements at this web site's main page. Read more...


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