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Blessed Assurance Cello
An upbeat setting of this gospel hymn. For Cello solo with piano.

Christmas Meditation Cello
A setting of some traditional Christmas music with some original material. For Cello Solo.

Count Your Blessings Cello
A catchy version of this gospel hymn for Cello Solo. Various settings of this title are available in the music catalog.

Jesus Loves Me Cello
A meditative 6/4 meter setting of this classic hymn. A good offertory piece. For Cello solo.

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Cello
A traditional approach to this popular hymn set to the tune BEECHER. For Cello solo

Mind Echo Cello
A transcription from the recording featured on our album Music Straight From The Box. For Cello solo.

Moment By Moment Cello
An arrangement of this hymn for Cello Solo

O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing Cello
A transcription from the single available at GooglePlay. For Cello Solo.

Saxophone Jelly Cello
A transcription from the recording on our Album Music Straight From The Box For Cello Solo.

Soft And Hard Cello
A transcription from our Album Selections from James Gilbert Music, Volume 2 For Cello Solo.

That's What I Need Cello
A transcription from our Album Music Straight From The Box For Cello solo.

Unattended Encounters Cello
A transcription from our Album Music Straight From The Box For Cello solo.

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